Thanks to the PS5 controller, you really feel the dismemberment in Dead Space

While the remake of Dead Space brings general improvements across the board, making for a modern and seamless experience with mesmerizing ray-traced lighting, Sony wants you to know that the sci-fi horror game will play a little better on PS5.

It all comes back to DualSense control over PS5 and how its unique technologies, such as haptic feedback and adaptive stimuli, are used dead space more immersive. the PlayStation Blog (Opens in a new tab) It details all the different ways the game uses the console’s hardware, but I’m really excited about what this will mean for the hashing Necromorphs aboard USG Ishimura.

By utilizing adaptive DualSense triggers, the new version does justice dead spaceThe iconic plasma cutter. This is because, through positional vibrations, you will feel the kinetic nature of the plasma energy round being pushed into the trigger before it unleashes the full force of the beam. After firing, the operators quickly re-engage, so you can aim another shot and shoot slashers, hunters, and sizzling enemies.

If there’s anything to know about a space survival game, it’s that accuracy is the key above panic. True to the nature of the genre, you’re never flush with ammo, which means you have to choose when you fire your shots and which party you aim at carefully. That’s because bullets (to a large extent) don’t slow down the terrors that haunt the deck of the spaceship you’re exploring dead space.

Isaac Clarke walking down a corridor

(Image credit: EA/Motive)

Dead Space’s more traditional weapons get the full PS5 controller treatment, too. A largely straightforward automatic weapon, the pulse rifle features accurate weight and recoil through a combination of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. This is reflected in the weapon’s impact, the appropriate heavy kick with each round, and how the gun feels after each bullet exits the chamber. It is a sharp sledgehammer of Isaac Clarke’s arsenal, after all, lacking the surgical precision of the engineer’s more technical stock. I’m glad to hear it’s just as chaotic in the remake as it is in the original game.

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