Roborock S4 Max vs Roborock Q5 Plus

If you want to sit back and relax through a chore and let your robotic vacuum do the hard work, both the Roborock S4 Max and Q5 Series are excellent choices. Both smart robotic vacuums have a reputation for being able to tackle hard floors and carpets around your home and do well for picking up fine dust and pet hair and dander. Average price compared to what is available online in way better robot vacuum (Opens in a new tab) For 2022, both the S4 Max and Q5 series offer premium features to make cleaning floors in the home easier than using a stick, cordless, or drum vacuum.

The S4 Max launched in 2020 with impressive specs including a generous 180-minute runtime, easy-to-navigate app and LiDAR navigation for fast mapping. Meanwhile, the Q5 series launched in the spring of 2022 includes two models—one robot vacuum with a self-cleaning dock and one without the self-cleaning feature. As the successor to the S4 Max, the Q5 series naturally has the upper hand, but depending on your needs, there are good reasons to invest in either option.

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