Ring Car Cam could catch someone trying to hijack your car and let you yell at them, too

What’s good for your home, at least when it comes to security, is good for your car. That’s probably the thinking of video doorbell company Ring. The Ring Car Cam that it’s been talking about for almost a year and a half has finally been officially unveiled at CES 2023 in Las Vegas.

The in-dash dual-camera system looks almost exactly like the leaks we saw a good year ago. It’s a relatively compact box of cameras, microphones, speakers, and motion detectors on an extender that plugs into the dash. It is unclear if the Ring Car Cam can also be flipped over and attached to the windshield.

Range car camera

(Image credit: Ring)

The Ring Car Cam has a host of useful, though not groundbreaking, security features. It can detect motion inside and outside your car and send notifications and video, which begin recording as soon as motion is detected, to the same Ring app you use with your other Ring devices.

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