PS5 Digital Edition vs Xbox Series S: which digital-only console should you buy?

PS5 Digital Edition vs Xbox Series S is a competition worth going into if you’re looking for the next all-digital console to join your setup. The two may look alike, and comparing them is a close call for any average buyer, but there are several notable features to break down both consoles and make them unique. Of course, this raises the question of which one suits your setup and preferences best, so to make your shopping experience easier to access, we’ve broken down both devices to make shopping easier for you.

The main attraction of PS5 Digital Edition vs Xbox Series S is that both consoles are completely disc-less, so their retail values ​​are much cheaper than their disc-based counterpart. This is one of the main reasons gamers are considering a digital release, thus fueling the buying decision and making it a bit more difficult.

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