More on new MacBooks: Shaky M2 Pro rumors dispelled, but Wi-Fi 6E support has a catch

Apple’s two new MacBook Pros — and the Mac mini — recently hit the scene packing new spins on the M2 chip, and we’ve caught some new info on how Wi-Fi 6E support works — with a major caveat — along with an informative glimpse at the M2 Pro die.

Let’s start with the Wi-Fi 6E support these new Macs include, but the catch is that not all macOS apps will be able to take advantage. At least not at first, anyway, because 9 to 5 Macs (Opens in a new tab) In reports, the co-founder of Intuitibits — which makes the WiFi Explorer app — told us that some apps can’t yet use Wi-Fi 6E with these Apple devices.

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