Microsoft Windows Movie Maker vs Adobe Premiere Elements

Short films are one of the most popular forms of content on the Internet. They can help authors convey important issues, provide step-by-step instructions, or tell interesting stories without demanding too much viewer time. But for a video to go viral, it has to be professionally made and share-worthy. This is where the video editor comes in.

Fortunately, you don’t need to invest more than a hundred dollars in a professional video editing suite. You can create eye-catching videos for free with Microsoft Windows Movie Maker (aka Windows Video Editor) or very affordable with Adobe Premiere Elements. Here, we compare two of the most popular amateur video editing tools on the market to help you decide the best video editing software. (Opens in a new tab) for you.

Windows Movie Maker

Microsoft Windows Video Editor is the current version of the video editing solution that is natively supported for Windows 10 (Image credit: Microsoft)


Time lapse

Adobe Premiere Elements 2020 takes the upper hand in video editing features (Image credit: Adobe)

Adobe Premiere Elements has a simple, if dated, user interface. The interface is mainly divided into toolbar, preview, and timeline.

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