Mailchimp vs Hubspot: 2023 Features Comparison

Prepare Email marketing software (Opens in a new tab). This type of software enables brands to easily send out email campaigns to connect with customers. Without an email marketing tool, you will find it very difficult or even possible to create and manage effective email campaigns.

There are many examples of email marketing programs, the most popular of which are Mailchimp And HubSpot. These are the two names that people first think of when they mention email marketing.

We want to see how the two dominant email marketing tools stack up against each other. We’ll compare them based on important factors like pricing, performance, customer support, and features. After reading this review, you may also check out the above MailChimp Review (Opens in a new tab) And HubSpot Review (Opens in a new tab) for more information.

MailChimp email templates

(Image credit: MailChimp)


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