LG’s smart projector is the square cousin of Samsung’s cool The Freestyle

Previously limited to a company’s boardroom, compact portable projectors have become a popular choice for those who want to temporarily set up a big screen either inside or outside their home for movie night or playing games. And with so many new models featuring built-in broadcasting, it’s now easier than ever to get things going by simply finding a blank wall to send pictures to.

We’ve seen a number of new innovations Projectors at CES 2023including models from Xgimi, Formovie and of course Samsung, which was showing off a new and improved version of it freestylethe top model on our list The best portable projectors. On the heels of the Las Vegas Tech Festival, LG announced its new mobile phone, the PF510Q, and while the new LG handset isn’t quite as eye-catching as Samsung’s offering, it nonetheless appears to be a substantial addition to the compact size. Projector scene on the go.

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