I adore the Meta Quest Pro, but what I really want is an Oculus Quest 3

I can’t leave Meta Quest Pro. Since I first turned on the headset to test it, I’ve been blown away by its performance, and my Quest 2 — once the best among the gadgets I own — now sits gathering dust as I discard it in favor of this new VR hero. However, even as I sit here, impatiently and longing for the Quest Pro at its charging station, I know the real truth of the situation: I’m not in love with the Meta Quest Pro. I’m in love with the Oculus Quest 3 that’s hidden inside.

The Meta Quest Pro is a premium upgrade to the Meta Oculus Quest 2. The old heavy white plastic clad design has been replaced with a sleek black shell with better weight distribution and padding for added comfort. Internally, the Quest Pro also features enhanced specs with an all-new Snapdragon XR2 Plus chip, which delivers a 50% increase in sustained power over the regular Quest 2’s XR2, and a pair of LED mini display panels. Each display offers 1800 x 1920 pixels per eye and delivers 37% more pixels per inch and 10% more pixels per notch than the panels in Quest 2.

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