How to watch Accused 2023 online: stream the Fox crime drama series from anywhere

Guilty, not guilty, or slightly guilty? Fox is reviving the UK’s Emmy Award-winning series Accusation, whose anthology format for America’s Best Talent will see desperate individuals trapped in life-altering circumstances. Each week tells a uniquely compelling story of crime and punishment, and you can watch each episode with our guide below on how to watch Defendants online from anywhere right now.

Watch Accused (2023) movie online

the first show: Sunday, January 22nd at 6 PM PT / 9 PM ET (US & Canada)

New episodes: Every Tuesday starting January 24th, at 6pm PT / 9pm PT (US)

network: Fox

US Stream: Go on with your life sling tv (Opens in a new tab) or the next day on Hulu

International Stream: Universal TV (Opens in a new tab) (California)

Watch anywhere: Try the best VPN 100% risk free (Opens in a new tab)

The Defendants focus on a different defendant in the dock each episode, revealing with excitement in flashback how they came to be before the judge and jury. It’s a really baffling hypothesis.

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