How to give your PC setup a glow up this Christmas

This is Christmas. Or, at least, almost. But, while you’ve already started decking out those halls with the cutest and most glamorous holiday décor, you the computer The office is still naked. thats understood; Decorating your desk with frilly garlands doesn’t seem like much for productivity, especially if you like to keep things neat, and putting up a little Christmas tree seems like overkill (and dangerous if you’re into cats).

do not worry; We are bobsled in the work and beautify gaming desksand we’re here to help you with modern holiday-lighting ideas that are less traditional and more tech-inclined yet still say, “I love you Christmas.”

light it all up

Nanoleaf forms behind a computer setup

(Image credit: Nanoleaf)

We’re in the age of smart home devices, folks, so it’s time to step away from those outdated lights you’ve had for 10 years. Instead, invest in Smart lights. Not only can the best of them be controlled via an app or your voice, but they’re also capable of projecting millions of colors, which means you can keep them around and use them as regular lights when the holidays are over.

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