How to dry your bedding indoors (without a tumble dryer)

It’s the worst time of year for anyone who appreciates nice, quiet, dryer sheets. If you can dry your laundry outside most of the year and don’t have a tumble dryer (or if you do have a tumble dryer but can’t afford the increased cost of running it now), how should you go about drying your bedding normally right now?

Bed sheets and duvet covers have a lot of surface area, which makes them difficult to hang on a clothes horse, and if not dried properly, they can get moldy. There’s no point in having the best mattress, the best comforter and the best pillows if they’re covered in damp, moldy mattresses, so what’s the best way to dry them without a tumble dryer?

Eucalyptus bedding expert James Higgins offers (Opens in a new tab) and CEO of Ethical Bedding. He’s come up with some helpful tips for drying your bed sheets naturally and efficiently, without having to refer to an energy-hungry tumble dryer. Read on to learn how to wash and dry bedding and put it back in bed before bed.

A woman laying fresh bedding on a bed

(Image credit: Ethical Bedding)

1. Wash your bedding first thing in the morning

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