How to choose the best Apple Watch for you

Until a few years ago, none of the The best Apple Watch Which models to choose was fairly easy, as there was only one flagship model released each year. However, Apple has changed a few things since then. In 2020, it introduced the Apple Watch SE, which was basically a budget option that offered more or less the same functionality as the flagship model. 2022 saw the release of three new watches: Apple Watch Ultrathe Apple Watch Series 8and the second generation Apple Watch SE2.

Apple no longer sells the first-generation SE, as well as all previous Series 8 predecessors, but you can still buy Series 7 and below from third-party retailers, or get a refurbished watch that expands the number of options you have. Deciding on which model to choose can be difficult, considering the difference in price, features, and functionality. Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve tested enough versions of the Apple Watch to be able to recommend which one to spend your dollars on.

How to choose the right Apple Watch for you: Price

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