Fire Emblem Engage’s difficulty cracked my brain open like an egg

My army is advancing through the anime castle. Under the looming sandstone walls, the forces of good stand against the machinations of an evil dragon. Our mission is simple: to defend the gate. Permanent death has been enabled, so every move counts in this turn-based tactical RPG. I agonize over every decision I try to predict the moves of my enemies. My Pegasus Rider stays away from enemy archers, lest it be shot down. Vander, the mighty knight who nails me mighty, holds the vanguard while archers and wizards take refuge behind a line of unbendable steel.

Despite my strong formation, the enemy is dexterous and maneuvers to surround me. I adapt as best I can, and am completely immersed in Fire Emblem: Engage’s elegant combat systems. My slow, steady, and strategic approach pays off as we finally put the enemy commander down, completing the mission. But at this point, I realized something wasn’t quite right. I searched from my Nintendo Switch. It’s one in the morning.

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