Arcane season 2: everything we know so far

Arcane season 2: key information

– No release date set yet
– Three key cast members returning
– Story should pick up straight after season 1 finale
– Creators tease character arcs and plot details for season 2
– Fans concerned that season 2 could end Vi and Jinx’s story
– Future seasons likely on the way

2023 has arrived – and, with it, official Arcane season 2 news doesn’t seem like a pipedream anymore.

The hugely popular Netflix animated series has only been off our screens for 14 months, but we’re still desperate to see what lies in store for Vi, Jinx, and company in Arcane’s sequel season. After all, it’s one of the best Netflix shows of all-time, has won numerous awards, and amassed a global fanbase to rival League of Legends (LoL) – the videogame series it’s based on – itself.

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