Amazon’s new drug prescription service is almost what the doctor ordered

continuation Invading the healthcare industryAmazon launches its own prescription service for Principal members It’s called RxPass, which lets consumers buy generics for $5 a month.

And that $5 goes a long way. Not only is it a flat fee, but subscribers won’t be subject to hidden fees or random markups, plus delivery is free. Could you Buy all medicines (Opens in a new tab) You need $5, assuming it’s available through the program. Upon launch, you will have access to More than 50 different medications (Opens in a new tab) To treat more than 80 common health conditions from diabetes to gout and even high blood pressure. Any additional prescriptions you need that are not available must be purchased through RxPass Amazon pharmacy for its normal price. Speaking of which, Amazon Pharmacy will also highlight medications that can be purchased through the new service as a new blue RxPass icon will appear in drug descriptions.


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