How to enable PS5 3D audio for TV speakers

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You can now enable PS5 3D audio for your TV speakers, as Sony added 3D audio support for TV speakers on the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition in 2021. Previously, 3D audio was only available to headset users, but now you can try out the audio technology spatial from Sony through the TV’s built-in speakers. … Read more

How to transfer PS4 save data to PS5

If you’re upgrading your setup, you’ll need to transfer your PS4 save data to the PS5, which can be a very stressful process for a gamer. While the PS4 is a great all-rounder, offering an impressive catalog of AAA games at a reasonable price, there’s no denying that the PS5 has dressed impressively. And while … Read more

US government agencies are falling victim to some very obvious attacks

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The use of legitimate remote monitoring and management tools has become so widespread among cybercriminals targeting government corporations that US federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies have had to issue a joint warning. In their alert, NSA, CISA, and MS-ISAC said they had detected malware (Opens in a new tab) Activity within networks belonging to … Read more